The new application

If you've been following twitter you might have noticed that I've been working on a new version of Sproutsheet.

How you can help

Tell me what you like or what you don't like, report bugs or request new features. The more people that test the app the better it will be so feel free to ask your grow community try it out as well.

You can leave feedback on the forum or email me at

What's different

Your data

One of the main differences is that this app stores data locally inside the browser which means that you are in control of your own data and there is no need for a server anymore (except for serving the application code).

Day counter

Previously you had to set a starting date so the application knew when to start counting days. With the new calendar view you can set as many counters as you like giving you a better overview of certain periods in your grow. To add a counter you have to click the little arrow under a date.

General events

These have also been removed because they were confusing in some cases. The original idea was that some events weren't related to a date (room, environment, ...) but some users would just add these to the first day or the day before the grow starts, which is what I would recommend doing in the new application.


The memories have been removed in favor of a history. The history is split into most used and all your other events with a search option. After using the app for a few days, you should have enough history to create events without having to start from scratch.


You can now add icons to an event instead of an abbreviation. I based the icons on grows from the old website and some extra ones that I thought would be useful. If you find that you are missing an icon feel free to make a request on the forum.

Graphs & data

There are no more graphs in the new app and to be honest the old graphs weren't really great. This also means that there is no more data and comment field, but instead just one field called comment.

The future

Features and bugs

The beta is mostly focused on getting the new app bug free and implement feature requests from the users. Also, since data is local it means switching computer wont automatically transfer your data. To solve this, I am working on an import/export feature that will let you transfer your grows to a different computer. This will be released during the beta so it can be tested before version 1.0.

Exporting grows will also mean I can create an online tool that converts your data into a report that can be shared with others.


The new app will be freemium where you get limited grows in the free version and unlimited grows when you buy a license. Current users of the old app will receive a free key when the license system gets implemented as a way to thank them for sticking with Sproutsheet over the last year.

Having a way to make money from the app also helps me free up some time from work that I can invest into updates and support.

Happy gardening,


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