Sproutsheet is a calendar that's focused on indoor and outdoor gardening. You can use it to track certain events that happen in the life of your plants.


Sproutsheet is currently in beta and should work in all modern browsers. If you run into problems, bugs or want to request a feature feel free to use the forum.

All feedback is appreciated.


Your data isn't stored on a server, but instead it's stored inside your browser. Both the web and desktop version use the same way to store data. The browser decides where this data is stored on your computer. This also means that changing computer or browser doesn't automatically transfer your data.


Each grow will give you a new calendar view, the way you use it is up to you. If you only grow one plant at the same time you can use the same calendar for that one plant. If you have multiple environments or plants you can divide those by adding extra grows.

I would recommend keeping it simple at the start and find out what works best for your grow process. I talked to some gardeners of the old site that kept a detailed log and they said that it can be a bit of a chore trying to maintain calendars that track everything that happens to their plants.

Export and Import

To transfer, backup or share your data can use import and export in the grows panel.


These are used to track how many days have passed since a certain day in your calendar. To add a counter click on the little arrow under the date and to remove it you click it again.


Each day of the calendar can have 10 events. Each event can be customized by using an optional icon, color, name or comment.

Sproutsheet keeps track of which events you use and split those events in most used and a searchable history. So after using the app for a few days you should have enough history to quickly add new events.

Most used

These events are stacked by their name first and if there is no name it will stack them by their icon. So if you add an event with the name water multiple times you will only see the last water event.


This is all the events you ever added sorted by date and searchable by name or icon.

Generate reports

For sharing your data Sproutsheet lets you generate reports which you can export to an image or vector graphic. To export to an image or a vector image you can use the buttons in the grow panel.


Version 1.0 will be released with a freemium model that gives you limited grows in the free version and unlimited grows when you buy a license. Current users of the old app will receive a free key when the license system gets implemented as a way to thank them for sticking with Sproutsheet over the last year.