Image and vector reports

In version 0.2.0 you can now share your grows by generating a report and exporting it to an image and a scalable vector graphic (svg).




Sharing is caring

The reporter is great for sharing your grows with your community and friends. If you are a grow veteran it's s great way to show starters so they can learn from your experience. For beginners it's a good tool to get help so the more experienced growers can see straight away where you went wrong.

If you are exporting to an image (png) you can use something like imgur to share your grow report.

For adding extra graphics/branding to your report or if you want to export to an other file type (for example a pdf) you can export to svg and use inkscape to edit it. Inkscape is a free open source vector graphic editor that uses svg as it's main file type, so it's great at editing those.

An other nice feature about svg is that it's similar to html and almost all modern browsers know how to show it. This means that you can use code sharing services like jsfiddle to share your grows as well. To do this you have to open the svg file inside a text editor (svg basically is just a text file) and copy paste this to the html pane in jsfiddle. The result looks like this.


The exporter was tested in modern browsers and you should be able to export to png and svg without a problem. Since everything gets processed in the browser larger reports might take a while to generate and export. There is also a bug where really large grows (+200) events will export an empty image which I am still investigating.

Small screens and mobile

The reporter popup isn't responsive (dynamic width) yet so at the moment the experience on small screens isn't great. The next iteration of Sproutsheet will be focused on improving the app on small screens so I will most likely update the reporter in the next version as well.

Let me know what you guys think about the reporter and as always happy gardening,


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